Amazing Dancing Skills

This is a video created by the same guys who made the How Animals Eat Their Food video that went viral a couple months back.  I like this video because 1) it’s hilarious and 2) I aspire to one day dance this well.  That’s right, this dude dances better than me.  That’s really sad.  But now you can enjoy horrendous thoughts of what I must look like attempting to dance around my kitchen.  🙂  Enjoy, everybody!


What I’ve Been Listening To…

The other day, while I was meandering around Youtube trying to think of some music to listen to, I remembered a group I stumbled upon not terribly long ago.  The group is Two Steps From Hell (Note: I am not really sure why they chose this name…Apologies to my cousins and family, I promise I’m not listening to anything terrible or Satanic.  🙂 ), and from what I’ve read about them they started out doing music for movie trailers and have since gone on to produce several CDs.  The thing is, regardless of the name of their group, the music is absolutely amazing.  Pretty much, every track is some sort of epic.  Just go check them out.  Here’s their Facebook page and their Youtube channel.

Anyway, so the other day I remembered about them and thought “Oh, I’ll go listen to them for a change.”  This led to me Google searching their official website (linked above) and discovering they had their own Youtube channel.  Once on their Youtube, I found the playlists, particularly the Personal Favorites one.  In listening through all one hundred eleven tracks of it, I jotted down notes of a few of my favorites.  This is one of them:

It’s a bit hard to describe what this makes me think of.  It’s a bit of The Capitol from the new Hunger Games film (or some of the music used in Capitol scenes, at least…), it feels a bit Gladiator as well, somehow, and just before the one minute mark when it starts in to exploding all over the place, it makes me think of some sort of ancient Middle Eastern bazaar/market with little boxy stands of wares everywhere, dust and brightly coloured fabric, gypsies wandering around, lots of hustle and bustle and crowds…

Feel free to comment with what it makes you think of, or if you think it’s terrible, or if you have a different song/piece/track that really catches your imagination instead.