I recently got the movie Wreck-It Ralph from Netflix.  I thought it was pretty good (some of the music was better than the film, I think), but when I went digging in the (non-existent) bonus features, I discovered the short that would have played before the start of the film in a movie theater.  Paperman.

It’s another one of those videos, like Morris Lessmore in my previous post, that instantly draws you in, leaving you enthralled and oblivious to all around you.  I love the black and white rather than color, the contrast of light and shadows they use, the simplicity and also the great detail put into it.  I think it’s really well done, and great for the imagination.  Hope you all enjoy it as well.

(Follow the link and scroll down just a bit.  I couldn’t find a link on Youtube to post, but found it here instead.)  🙂


The Fantastic Flying Books of Morris Lessmore

I had the great delight of stumbling on a beautiful book at the bookstore a few months ago.  I read it twice in the store that day, and returned the next to read it again.  Short story made shorter, I needed to own a copy.  I bought it my second visit back.

The book was The Fantastic Flying Books of Morris Lessmore.  The story is amazing, the illustrations are incredible, and if I was willing to buy it you know it must be halfway decent.  I rarely buy books and I couldn’t stand not owning this one.

In looking around online I discovered there is also a short film by the same name.  I was a bit afraid that in watching the video it would ruin the magic of the book, but it is equally as magical (…maybe slightly less.  You can’t really compete with a paper book in your hands).  Here it is.  (If by some chance the video is removed from Youtube, just google around for it.  The whole thing should be around fifteen minutes long.)  Enjoy!

Amazing Dancing Skills

This is a video created by the same guys who made the How Animals Eat Their Food video that went viral a couple months back.  I like this video because 1) it’s hilarious and 2) I aspire to one day dance this well.  That’s right, this dude dances better than me.  That’s really sad.  But now you can enjoy horrendous thoughts of what I must look like attempting to dance around my kitchen.  🙂  Enjoy, everybody!

Kittens on the Beat

I saw this video online a while back and thought it was pretty fun.  It has tiny ninjas and kittens, what’s not to love?!  It’s also very well done and quite clever.  (It also reminds me a bit of Romantically Apocalyptic and Zee Captain.  Tee hee.)  Here’s a link to Corridor Digital’s other videos if you’re interested.

Bonus kitties!!!

What Do I Desire

I recently saw this video posted somewhere on Facebook, and it instantly intrigued me.  I’m at a point in my tiny life where my brain and my heart are often a bit at odds.  I hear my photo teacher tell me that she’s actually easy on us and we’re in for a shock once we get to the real world.  I’ve heard a previous student say that life’s much harder once out of school, that people are much tougher out there than in the classroom.  I once had someone I respected tell me that you can’t make a living doing art.  These things are crushing to a slightly head-in-the-clouds dreamer like me who’s trying to believe in a wonderful future of some sort.  And frankly, after hearing all these things, that wonderful future seems to be only a little wisp of fog, barely there and impossible to grab.

On the one hand, I believe the people who say life isn’t all fun and games, that you can’t properly make a living doing art instead of taking on a normal, everyday job.  I generally believe now that I’m not good enough to make it at art anyway, which should technically solve the problem right there.  I know life isn’t always easy.  I understand that.  We as humans do not always get our way (boy do I know that…), and sometimes we have to brave a couple of storms before we get to the sunny weather.

But my little dreaming heart can’t hep but wonder, “Is that it?  Is that all we’re meant to do, to suffer at a job we hate merely for a paycheck, to never enjoy what we do?  There has to be a way to survive and be happy at the same time.”

I don’t know if my little heart is right or not.  I certainly hope so.  I like to think that, one day, in the near future preferably, I’ll be able to do something I enjoy for a living.  Maybe not art, but something.  Maybe one day I’ll become a master of this something, or a master in my art (although I doubt it).  Maybe.  We’ll see.  Until then I guess I keep doggy paddling, try to keep afloat, try not to drown entirely in all these waves.  The sun has to come out eventually…or that’s my hope, anyway.  One day…

Cartier Short Film

This evening I was watching TV and fiddling on my computer, passing time, not doing anything important.  The show that we were watching went to a commercial break, but I wasn’t paying much attention.  I happened to glance up from my laptop, and for the next three and a half minutes I sat mesmerized, staring at the TV.

What played was a commercial, but it was no commercial like I’ve seen before.  Many advertisements are funny, dull, or interesting, factual, possibly intriguing, but not this one.  This one was beautiful.

It was an advert for Cartier, a jewelry and watch company.  They also have another site detailing about their commercial/short film and giving details about their roots and background.  I think Cartier was wise to call this a film, because it is so much more than a normal advertisement.  Here’s the video for you all to enjoy.