I recently got the movie Wreck-It Ralph from Netflix.  I thought it was pretty good (some of the music was better than the film, I think), but when I went digging in the (non-existent) bonus features, I discovered the short that would have played before the start of the film in a movie theater.  Paperman.

It’s another one of those videos, like Morris Lessmore in my previous post, that instantly draws you in, leaving you enthralled and oblivious to all around you.  I love the black and white rather than color, the contrast of light and shadows they use, the simplicity and also the great detail put into it.  I think it’s really well done, and great for the imagination.  Hope you all enjoy it as well.

(Follow the link and scroll down just a bit.  I couldn’t find a link on Youtube to post, but found it here instead.)  🙂


Liam Montage

In Multimedia (of the number two variety)(aka, Multimedia 2) we’ve for the last two or three weeks been working on a montage video.  The idea was to tell a story without using much/any dialogue.  I struggled with an idea at first, and then decided I’d do a “story” about my dog going to the park.  Lovely.  We turn our montage videos in today (I am actually at this moment waiting for my teacher to get here so we can critique them or whatever he plans to do) so as of now I do not know how he feels.  I suspect he’ll be mildly disappointed with my shaky camera and general lack of a professional feel, but this is what I’ve got.  So, for your viewing pleasure, here is my puppy Liam at the park.

Address is Approximate

Some of you may remember the stop motion video of the little light bulb my classmate and I made earlier this year.  We had a lot of fun making it, and it sort of perked up an interest in stop motion for me.  Recently (I suppose it’s been a month or so ago now) I stumbled on a video while I was skimming around Vimeo a bit.  Now, aside from being plain beautiful, from the visuals to the music, this has several things I love.

1) A little robot character.  Call me weird, but I love certain types of robots.  I have a fleece blanket covered in robots.  I love the idea of playing off robots and emotions together since, obviously, robots aren’t alive and therefore shouldn’t technically be capable of feelings.  (Also, one of my favorite story ideas that I never finished writing has a human with surgically implanted mechanical parts…not quite a robot, but similar)

2) This sort of goes with #1, but I love when something simple can have such a huge story.  Stories don’t always have to be these huge complicated things.  In fact, I think it speaks extremely well of you if you can tell a simple but engaging story, especially in a small amount of time (two minutes and forty-three seconds, for instance).

3) Stop motion.  I believe when I stumbled on this video I had actually done a stop motion search, and it apparently caught my eye.  Honestly, though, I have a hard time believing this is stop motion.  It’s incredibly smooth, almost to the point that, technical factors aside, it could be straight video footage.  It absolutely sucks me in, with squid suckers and everything.

I’ve found that it’s great to crawl in bed, pull all the covers around, turn the lights out, put it on full screen, volume up, and watch it in the darkness.  The music is so soothing, the story  is so magical, and the video as a whole is superbly beautiful.  So, here it is.  I hope you all enjoy it as much as I do.