Christmas, Come Sooner!!!

Ack, I am turning into one of Those Bloggers.  You know, the ones that post like three times a year that might actually be interesting if they’d actually blog more often….yeah.  Please nobody throw stuff at me in anger, cause I’ll probably throw it back.

You may be wondering (or not), “Why three exclamation points in the title?”  I’ll tell you.

What I have for you today is important.  Very important.  More important that anything else anywhere else in the world at this moment.  Truly.

Something very exciting is billowing in my future, and it can certainly billow in yours as well, because….(drum roll, please)….

LES MISERABLE IS COMING TO THEATERS CHRISTMAS DAY!!!!!!!!!  And that’s worth a lot of exclamation points.

I don’t know about all of you, but I guess I sort of grew up with Les Mis.  My family has the whole thing on CDs, and I’ve seen it on stage twice (once when I was quite small, and once when we had last minute inexpensive seats, but at least we could hear it nice and loud.)  So when I found out, and I don’t even remember how, that there was a movie coming out in the near future, I got excited.

As the months have rolled along, the Les Mis Film Facebook page has been posting photos and trailers and all manner of things to drive us fans absolutely crazy waiting for Christmas to come.  Today they posted the best trailer yet, two and a half lovely long minutes of new footage and music.  I know it won’t be absolutely perfect for each viewer, but from what I’ve seen the filmmakers are doing a stupendous job.  I think it’s going to be brilliant.  So, without further delay, the Les Miserable trailer for your enjoyment.

And, if you have a few extra minutes (or come back later), this is also definitely worth watching.  A peek behind the scenes and what’s gone into this beautiful project.


Final Four Photos

It’s finally here!  The end of the semester, final projects, finals, freedom, the lot.  We’ve been working for weeks now on Final Four.  Final Four is the big final project in one of our classes.  We have to come up with a theme to shoot (oh, by the way, no one can have the same or a too-similar themes) and shoot that theme like crazy.  I went through two themes that my teacher eventually kicked out before landing on one that stuck.  My theme was McDaniel Farm Park.  So, since I spent my first month or so shooting themes that were eventually discarded I didn’t technically have as long to shoot as I might have had.  I’m pretty pleased with my four pictures, with the exception of one, which my teacher immediately set upon and I think is pretty ugly.  But if she likes it and will give a good grade, fine by me.  So, here they are…ugly one first.

I like the blacksmith shed especially, and the gears.  Hope you enjoy!


School Assignments

In a different class, not the Multimedia class, we’ve been talking about color…somewhat.  The week before last we were given the assignment to shoot something with “95% warm tones”.  Turns out this is harder than you think.  Warm tone pictures include absolutely no blue sky, use morning or afternoon light, red/orange/yellow/brown colors, and you can cheat by using the shade or cloud white balance setting.  But it’s HARD to find warm toned things…it’s the middle of winter still, there’s not an abundance of vibrant colors anywhere…unless you know of a red building or playground.  Anyway, I managed to find something that earned a decent grade.  It’s not perfectly sharp, but it’s almost entirely “warm”.  Here it is (click for a larger view):

This past week we were assigned to shoot “cool tones”.  Blues, greens, purples.  This was not quite so hard for me, because, when shooting my Warm Tones, I ended up with quite a few Cool photos.  So, I went back where I shot before, while the sky was blue, and got pictures of the sky reflected from the water.  I quite like this photo (which is surprising, because I don’t tend to care about the pictures I submit for school anymore), though I did not expect any positive feedback about it from my teacher.  She ran out of time in class this morning and had to rush through the last few photos, but she at least sounded positive about this one.  Here’s my cool tone picture:

And this week’s assignment, you ask?  (Even if you didn’t ask, I’ll ask for you.)  Cool AND Warm.  So this one will be interesting, hopefully not in a bad way.  I’ll try to upload the Cool/Warm photo once I decide what picture to use and get it adjusted a bit.  Hope you enjoy.  Until next time.

Vincent Laforet

In our class over the last few weeks, this name has come up several times: Vincent Laforet.  We watched one of his videos, Mobius, and also a handful of tutorial videos on making videos.  His Mobius video is so incredible, the way it looks, how perfectly it’s put together, how professional it looks, that it’s hard not to be instantly interested in him.  Then when we watched the tutorials, created by himself and someone from Vimeo, it was even better.  The Vimeo guy dressed as an astronaut, and Vincent Laforet dressed as a viking.  How can you not like a guy like that? (One of the videos is here )

When I got home I jumped online and popped over to his website.  I can’t find a way to put some of his photos on my blog without resorting to Google, and, frankly, I don’t trust Google when it says “Hey, these are some of Vincent Laforet’s photos!”.  It’s too hard to verify.  So, I shall link to some of his pages.

USS Abraham Lincoln photos


Katrina One Year Later

Overall, I really like this guy’s work.  I love that fact that he’ll do tutorial videos dressed as a viking.  I love the quality of the videos he does and creates himself (and with his crew, of course).  I love the photos he takes, the feel they have and the look of them.  And I really like that he’s not got that snotty, stuck up, I’m-a-pro-photographer attitude.  He seems like someone you might be willing to spend an afternoon with.

Don’t forget to check out his blog, and, because I know this is actually what he looks like:

Sleepy Dog

This is what my youngest looks like when he’s being exceedingly good (aka, sleeping):

I love when he sleeps like a “dead dog”…flat on his side, legs straight out, usually, not moving or twitching in any way…he doesn’t do it all the time, but it’s so much fun to look out the window, see him sprawled, and call through the house “Dead dog!”.  He’s kind of adorable. Not that I’m biased or anything.

After I took these photos, he woke himself up and came over to where I was standing on his doghouse and proceeded to lick my bare toes.  (Eew.)  I guess he loves me too!