The Fantastic Flying Books of Morris Lessmore

I had the great delight of stumbling on a beautiful book at the bookstore a few months ago.  I read it twice in the store that day, and returned the next to read it again.  Short story made shorter, I needed to own a copy.  I bought it my second visit back.

The book was The Fantastic Flying Books of Morris Lessmore.  The story is amazing, the illustrations are incredible, and if I was willing to buy it you know it must be halfway decent.  I rarely buy books and I couldn’t stand not owning this one.

In looking around online I discovered there is also a short film by the same name.  I was a bit afraid that in watching the video it would ruin the magic of the book, but it is equally as magical (…maybe slightly less.  You can’t really compete with a paper book in your hands).  Here it is.  (If by some chance the video is removed from Youtube, just google around for it.  The whole thing should be around fifteen minutes long.)  Enjoy!


Child-Free Cabins

It’s everybody’s worst nightmare: You’re stuck on a nine hour flight to somewhere far away, and the child in the row behind you begins to scream.  And he screams.  And screams.  There’s no possible way for you to escape the din.  Where would you go?  No, you remain stuck listening to him for the duration of the flight while his parents try uselessly to quiet him.  Shouldn’t there be a simple solution to this problem?!

Now there is.

WestJet has provided an ingenious solution to the problem we’ve all dealt with one time or another.

Note: Just kidding, this was an April Fools video they made.  I few of my Facebook friends posted it, and I wanted to re-share it as well.  I hope none of you are too heartbroken that it’s a joke.