Thought of You

I saw this video posted on a friend’s Facebook page a while.  The music paired with the beautiful animation is just stunning.  The characters’ movements are incredibly lifelike.  In watching part of the behind the scenes video posted elsewhere, I believe the artist used real life models and choreographed dances to work from for the video.  Anyway, wanted to share.


Amazing Dancing Skills

This is a video created by the same guys who made the How Animals Eat Their Food video that went viral a couple months back.  I like this video because 1) it’s hilarious and 2) I aspire to one day dance this well.  That’s right, this dude dances better than me.  That’s really sad.  But now you can enjoy horrendous thoughts of what I must look like attempting to dance around my kitchen.  🙂  Enjoy, everybody!

Don’t You Just Love Mondays?

Yeah…not so much.  I mean, they CAN have their perks.  But I can’t really think of any.

But, despite this fact, there are people in the world who love Mondays.  These guy:

And really, how can you not like Mondays a little bit more after watching that?  It makes you just want to break into choreographed dance!  Hope everyone’s Monday was a happy, dance-tastic one.