Kittens on the Beat

I saw this video online a while back and thought it was pretty fun.  It has tiny ninjas and kittens, what’s not to love?!  It’s also very well done and quite clever.  (It also reminds me a bit of Romantically Apocalyptic and Zee Captain.  Tee hee.)  Here’s a link to Corridor Digital’s other videos if you’re interested.

Bonus kitties!!!


Advanced Cat Yodeling

Haven’t you ever wondered just how you can get your cat to yodel?  Maybe you’ve tried to teach him or her over the years with no success.  Perhaps you didn’t know cats were even capable of yodeling.  Think again!

While this isn’t a top quality sort of video, it’s quite amazing (and hilarious) all the same.  Created by two guys/engineers/cat owners, they explain and show how to perfect cat yodeling with your own furry friend.  I believe the moderate lameness of their videos actually adds and makes it funnier.    Here’s the video.  Once you’ve watched, you’ll want to grab your cat and annoy it into making delightful yodeling noises.

Happy yodeling!