Letters From Paris

This post will likely tie in somewhat with my previous post titled What Do I Desire, but that’s okay.  Etsy‘s Facebook page posted a link to their blog sharing an interview with an artist, Janice MacLeod.  Here is that link: Quit Your Day Job: The Paris Letters by JaniceArtShip.  Please do read the article, it’s not long, but summarized it’s about a lady who, unhappy in her ordinary office job, quit, moved to Paris, and began painting and writing letters as her business and means of supporting herself.  Not only is this flat-out awesome, it’s also, dare I say, inspirational.

Being the crazy, unrealistic dreamer-person that I am, the idea of ditching everything and hauling myself across the planet to make a start at life with no real plans in place is terribly appealing, even if it is slightly terrifying at the same time.  Believe me, for the past several months I’ve threatened my family with everything from becoming a gypsy and traveling the world, to buying an RV and exploring America, to moving back to England to do goodness-knows-what, to my latest obsession of traveling to and living in Utah (you wouldn’t believe how many cool people live in Utah and the nearby surrounding areas…).

With this article, though, there is hope.  All my lovely schemes and plans are largely plans of escape, whether physical, mental, or both.  I long for escape and freedom, and if it takes moving to Utah to get it I’m almost to the point of doing it (not quite though, don’t panic, don’t panic.).  In all seriousness though, two of the things I’ve loved doing for a very long time are painting and writing, and this lady has managed to do both and make a living and live in a foreign country to boot.  I think that’s amazing.

So, if anyone needs me, you will find me interning with her in Paris.  Soon after, I shall open a second branch in the UK and have a jolly time and do something I love while earning money (take that, person in previous post who said I couldn’t earn a living doing art…)(yes, I was told this several years ago, and yes, it still bothers me somewhat.)(and yes, I also really like to use parentheses).  🙂

Please, please, please visit her shop and buy a subscription to her letters if you can.  Or buy just one.  Buy some for your friends.  Support a really cool, not-so-local artist, and help her keep doin’ what she’s doin’.  People like her are the kind of people who give people like me little glimmers of hope in life.  Always support artists.  Prove everyone wrong, that you can make a living with art!


What Do I Desire

I recently saw this video posted somewhere on Facebook, and it instantly intrigued me.  I’m at a point in my tiny life where my brain and my heart are often a bit at odds.  I hear my photo teacher tell me that she’s actually easy on us and we’re in for a shock once we get to the real world.  I’ve heard a previous student say that life’s much harder once out of school, that people are much tougher out there than in the classroom.  I once had someone I respected tell me that you can’t make a living doing art.  These things are crushing to a slightly head-in-the-clouds dreamer like me who’s trying to believe in a wonderful future of some sort.  And frankly, after hearing all these things, that wonderful future seems to be only a little wisp of fog, barely there and impossible to grab.

On the one hand, I believe the people who say life isn’t all fun and games, that you can’t properly make a living doing art instead of taking on a normal, everyday job.  I generally believe now that I’m not good enough to make it at art anyway, which should technically solve the problem right there.  I know life isn’t always easy.  I understand that.  We as humans do not always get our way (boy do I know that…), and sometimes we have to brave a couple of storms before we get to the sunny weather.

But my little dreaming heart can’t hep but wonder, “Is that it?  Is that all we’re meant to do, to suffer at a job we hate merely for a paycheck, to never enjoy what we do?  There has to be a way to survive and be happy at the same time.”

I don’t know if my little heart is right or not.  I certainly hope so.  I like to think that, one day, in the near future preferably, I’ll be able to do something I enjoy for a living.  Maybe not art, but something.  Maybe one day I’ll become a master of this something, or a master in my art (although I doubt it).  Maybe.  We’ll see.  Until then I guess I keep doggy paddling, try to keep afloat, try not to drown entirely in all these waves.  The sun has to come out eventually…or that’s my hope, anyway.  One day…

Cartier Short Film

This evening I was watching TV and fiddling on my computer, passing time, not doing anything important.  The show that we were watching went to a commercial break, but I wasn’t paying much attention.  I happened to glance up from my laptop, and for the next three and a half minutes I sat mesmerized, staring at the TV.

What played was a commercial, but it was no commercial like I’ve seen before.  Many advertisements are funny, dull, or interesting, factual, possibly intriguing, but not this one.  This one was beautiful.

It was an advert for Cartier, a jewelry and watch company.  They also have another site detailing about their commercial/short film and giving details about their roots and background.  I think Cartier was wise to call this a film, because it is so much more than a normal advertisement.  Here’s the video for you all to enjoy.

What I’ve Been Listening To…

The other day, while I was meandering around Youtube trying to think of some music to listen to, I remembered a group I stumbled upon not terribly long ago.  The group is Two Steps From Hell (Note: I am not really sure why they chose this name…Apologies to my cousins and family, I promise I’m not listening to anything terrible or Satanic.  🙂 ), and from what I’ve read about them they started out doing music for movie trailers and have since gone on to produce several CDs.  The thing is, regardless of the name of their group, the music is absolutely amazing.  Pretty much, every track is some sort of epic.  Just go check them out.  Here’s their Facebook page and their Youtube channel.

Anyway, so the other day I remembered about them and thought “Oh, I’ll go listen to them for a change.”  This led to me Google searching their official website (linked above) and discovering they had their own Youtube channel.  Once on their Youtube, I found the playlists, particularly the Personal Favorites one.  In listening through all one hundred eleven tracks of it, I jotted down notes of a few of my favorites.  This is one of them:

It’s a bit hard to describe what this makes me think of.  It’s a bit of The Capitol from the new Hunger Games film (or some of the music used in Capitol scenes, at least…), it feels a bit Gladiator as well, somehow, and just before the one minute mark when it starts in to exploding all over the place, it makes me think of some sort of ancient Middle Eastern bazaar/market with little boxy stands of wares everywhere, dust and brightly coloured fabric, gypsies wandering around, lots of hustle and bustle and crowds…

Feel free to comment with what it makes you think of, or if you think it’s terrible, or if you have a different song/piece/track that really catches your imagination instead.

“The Key” Video Project

Hello again, everyone!

My poor blog must be feeling so alone right now.  Life (scratch that), school has been oober hectic this semester.  Even when it’s not been actually busy, it’s been destroying my brain cells.  I think I have half as many as I started the semester with.  I had four classes this time again, and three of them are things I try to avoid: video, portraiture, and photojournalism.  Granted, I’ve not done photojournalism before now, but it’s not what I enjoy, not what I’m terribly good at, so…it’s been a bit interesting.

ANYway, in Multimedia we’ve been working on our final video.  The idea was to have a video, five to seven minutes in length, that told some sort of story, I think.  A narrative.  Maybe.  (I’ve just taken a peek at the outline for this project, and it is described as a “narrative short film”…)  Our teacher really left the door open to us to be creative and do something awesome.  I, however, am not wildly gifted in the video department, so I did the best I could do.

While filming, I decided to use the separate audio recorder I’d borrowed from the school to record only the parts of the film where my friend, Erika, was talking.  When I began to put the video together, I realized I’d not thought through to how the off-camera and in-camera audio would not sound the same.  In addition to realizing this, several large audio files from the off-camera recorder failed to produce any data.  In other words, there was a file on the memory card, but absolutely no sound contained in that file.  A bit frustrating, especially since it won’t make my teacher happy.

Alrighty, well enough ranting.  (Ha, you people should be grateful…I started typing this big rant the other day with the intention of blogging it, but then decided I didn’t want people to know THAT much about me…it ended up being over three pages long…)  So, here is my video I made.  For my story, since I don’t have that many people at my disposal to use as actors/actresses, I aimed for a simple but still interesting story.  I won’t spoil the “plot” for you.  Here it is.  Hope you guys enjoy.

Christmas, Come Sooner!!!

Ack, I am turning into one of Those Bloggers.  You know, the ones that post like three times a year that might actually be interesting if they’d actually blog more often….yeah.  Please nobody throw stuff at me in anger, cause I’ll probably throw it back.

You may be wondering (or not), “Why three exclamation points in the title?”  I’ll tell you.

What I have for you today is important.  Very important.  More important that anything else anywhere else in the world at this moment.  Truly.

Something very exciting is billowing in my future, and it can certainly billow in yours as well, because….(drum roll, please)….

LES MISERABLE IS COMING TO THEATERS CHRISTMAS DAY!!!!!!!!!  And that’s worth a lot of exclamation points.

I don’t know about all of you, but I guess I sort of grew up with Les Mis.  My family has the whole thing on CDs, and I’ve seen it on stage twice (once when I was quite small, and once when we had last minute inexpensive seats, but at least we could hear it nice and loud.)  So when I found out, and I don’t even remember how, that there was a movie coming out in the near future, I got excited.

As the months have rolled along, the Les Mis Film Facebook page has been posting photos and trailers and all manner of things to drive us fans absolutely crazy waiting for Christmas to come.  Today they posted the best trailer yet, two and a half lovely long minutes of new footage and music.  I know it won’t be absolutely perfect for each viewer, but from what I’ve seen the filmmakers are doing a stupendous job.  I think it’s going to be brilliant.  So, without further delay, the Les Miserable trailer for your enjoyment.

And, if you have a few extra minutes (or come back later), this is also definitely worth watching.  A peek behind the scenes and what’s gone into this beautiful project.

Touch of Magic

Well, while everyone else has been busy posting Facebook statuses about the presidential debate, I have been watching a lovely short film.  I’m not terribly keen on the narrator voice at the beginning, but bear through him and it’s quite delightful.  I love things like this with that magic feeling (And more than just magician/illusionist sort of magic…the kind you feel deep inside you.  It’s difficult to describe, but if you’ve felt it, you know exactly what it is.).  Hope you guys enjoy.  And props to the the awesome guy/group who made it.  He/they did a great job.  Leave a comment on the video for them if you want.  🙂

As an end note, I really hope the lady in the story took the magic with her and went on to become something amazing.  I also hope that the magician (I might kind of adore him) found a place to go where he was loved and appreciated after his theater was torn down.  I hate the thought of an artist of any kind being kicked out of his home and livelihood.  I’ll pretend they both went on to be amazing, artistically magical people.  That’s a happy thought.

Note: In case anyone wonders, no disrespect was meant about the debate tonight.  I do realize it’s very important to be involved in that sort of stuff.  I should have watched it, but chose to relax instead.  I needed relax time.  🙂