My Interests

Things that interest me: dogs, cats, pink elephants, trees, HUGE trees, things that grow (not children), tiny things, forests, going barefoot, mismatched socks, painting, drawing, sewing by hand, exploring, walking my dog, being with people I REALLY like, photography, empty beaches, rocks, sea shells, reading, being with my family, Zaxby’s, my fur kids.


2 responses to “My Interests

  1. Having known you for 19 years, that paragraph sums you PERFECTLY! I could handle an empty beach right now myself. Love, Aunt Barney

  2. I love your blog Cassandra. I’m glad your doing good in school. Great 100! Don’t we all love 100’s. I love your cool photograph. It is so cool. [no pun intended] Love you Cassandra

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