Impromptu Art Project

Impromptu=the only kind of way I do art.  I’m the type of person who won’t do anything artsy for a month (or two or three) and then one evening I’ll have an idea and want to do it, so I will.  The other evening my spur-of-the-moment idea was a finger painting.

I love (LOVE) the Impressionist style.  I always have.  Monet is my absolute favorite.  A few years ago my family was able to visit his home and gardens in Giverny, France.

One thing that annoys me about my own style of artistic-ness (annoys mildly, not dreadfully) is that when I paint I tend to be very particular, keep my edges crisp and tidy, and generally make non-messy paintings.  And I LOVE messy, sloppy paintings.  Paint swirled around and bleeding into other colors when painting with watercolors, or, like Monet, have paint blobs and lines that create a picture but keep a very loose style.  Here’s a few other kinds of pictures I  enjoy (click photos to be transported to Etsy World where you can buy them!)

So, on to my project.

I wanted to paint something but have it be very loose.  So, I used one finger to paint it.  Lots of blobs and smears and smooshiness.

My poor messy palette by the end!  (I ran out of room towards the end and so I reused space rather than clean it off and start again.)


Texture Photography

As part of our projects, we have to blog about a photographer or two who shoots wholly or partly in a similar style as our assignment.  Our first commercial project was texture, and the first person I thought of to blog about was Al Brydon.

I’ve followed him for a while.  I stumbled on his Etsy shop, saved it in my favorites, and have since followed him on Facebook as well.

He lives in Northern England, Sheffield, I believe, and focuses mainly on environmental photos.  He often, according to his Facebook page, heads out into the fields and hills in overcast and rainy weather (as is prone to happen in The North) to take pictures.

I tend to be drawn to outdoorsy photos, and I really enjoy his work.  The fact that he prefers overcast skies to sunny ones alone fascinates me.  And since he takes photos of the world outdoors, it is full of texture.


Several weeks ago in our colour class we were given an HDR assignment.  The day I shot for it was a very bad day for me.  I knew I didn’t like the photo I shot, my teacher didn’t like the photo, it was just bad all over.  It’s not that it’s not a terrible picture (even though it is), but it’s just boring.

A week or so ago she announced that we were allowed to redo and resubmit one assignment, and since this was the one I got a bad grade on I immediately decided to redo it.

Yesterday I was at McDaniel Farm Park shooting for my final project and the clouds were really cool, so I went ahead and shot some different things to do in HDR.  I’ve got one I’m going to print up that I like a heap better than the first one I submitted.  It’s probably still not super great, but I just want to do at least a little bit better this time, make a better effort.  Here’s the one I’ve decided on…

I actually kind of enjoy HDR.  It’s funny, because in certain situations I find myself thinking “Oh, well if I did it in HDR then I could see all the detail in those shadows or highlights…”.  It’s at least kind of fun to play with now and again, if nothing else.  Anyone else use HDR a lot?

An Updated Glance At My Yard

Just a few pictures today of the things that continue to grow in my yard.  Enjoy!

I don’t know if you can tell, but in the above photo that is footprints (feetprints?) in the POLLEN on my deck.  Eew.

Tiny tree growing in my deck.

And because he’s awfully cute…

Hope Spring is treating you all well.  Keep on you allergy medicines and enjoy the warmer weather!

A Trip To The Zoo

Yesterday my mum, brother, and I went to the Jacksonville Zoo for a fun day out.  My family recently went to the zoo while I was in school, so we all went (again, for them) together this time.  Sadly, my dad had to work, but the three of us had a fun day.  Here’s some of my favorite pictures/animals:

This is the East African Bongo.  I really love his color and his little white pinstripes. Here’s another of his kind…

The elephant was having a nice time blowing dirt on himself (or herself…?)

How come monkeys have so many thumbs on their feet?

These giraffe kids were hangin’ out together.

Okay, I LOVE rodents.  I LOVE capybaras.  It’s the world’s largest rodent, what’s not to love?  If you’ve never read it, I HIGHLY suggest going to your library (or just go buy it) and finding a copy of the book Cappyboppy.  It’s a fun, kids’ story about a pet capybara, and it has great pictures.  And because one picture is not enough…

Komodo dragon.