Kittens on the Beat

I saw this video online a while back and thought it was pretty fun.  It has tiny ninjas and kittens, what’s not to love?!  It’s also very well done and quite clever.  (It also reminds me a bit of Romantically Apocalyptic and Zee Captain.  Tee hee.)  Here’s a link to Corridor Digital’s other videos if you’re interested.

Bonus kitties!!!


One response to “Kittens on the Beat

  1. I’ll have to remember these “little Ninjas” when it comes to “Geez Louise! How did my house get in such a mess?!” I KNOW there has to be more than Papa and me living here sometimes!! Used to blame it on the children, but now?????? Reminds me of Toy Story. Cute. Love you, Grandmama

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