Christmas, Come Sooner!!!

Ack, I am turning into one of Those Bloggers.  You know, the ones that post like three times a year that might actually be interesting if they’d actually blog more often….yeah.  Please nobody throw stuff at me in anger, cause I’ll probably throw it back.

You may be wondering (or not), “Why three exclamation points in the title?”  I’ll tell you.

What I have for you today is important.  Very important.  More important that anything else anywhere else in the world at this moment.  Truly.

Something very exciting is billowing in my future, and it can certainly billow in yours as well, because….(drum roll, please)….

LES MISERABLE IS COMING TO THEATERS CHRISTMAS DAY!!!!!!!!!  And that’s worth a lot of exclamation points.

I don’t know about all of you, but I guess I sort of grew up with Les Mis.  My family has the whole thing on CDs, and I’ve seen it on stage twice (once when I was quite small, and once when we had last minute inexpensive seats, but at least we could hear it nice and loud.)  So when I found out, and I don’t even remember how, that there was a movie coming out in the near future, I got excited.

As the months have rolled along, the Les Mis Film Facebook page has been posting photos and trailers and all manner of things to drive us fans absolutely crazy waiting for Christmas to come.  Today they posted the best trailer yet, two and a half lovely long minutes of new footage and music.  I know it won’t be absolutely perfect for each viewer, but from what I’ve seen the filmmakers are doing a stupendous job.  I think it’s going to be brilliant.  So, without further delay, the Les Miserable trailer for your enjoyment.

And, if you have a few extra minutes (or come back later), this is also definitely worth watching.  A peek behind the scenes and what’s gone into this beautiful project.