Touch of Magic

Well, while everyone else has been busy posting Facebook statuses about the presidential debate, I have been watching a lovely short film.  I’m not terribly keen on the narrator voice at the beginning, but bear through him and it’s quite delightful.  I love things like this with that magic feeling (And more than just magician/illusionist sort of magic…the kind you feel deep inside you.  It’s difficult to describe, but if you’ve felt it, you know exactly what it is.).  Hope you guys enjoy.  And props to the the awesome guy/group who made it.  He/they did a great job.  Leave a comment on the video for them if you want.  🙂

As an end note, I really hope the lady in the story took the magic with her and went on to become something amazing.  I also hope that the magician (I might kind of adore him) found a place to go where he was loved and appreciated after his theater was torn down.  I hate the thought of an artist of any kind being kicked out of his home and livelihood.  I’ll pretend they both went on to be amazing, artistically magical people.  That’s a happy thought.

Note: In case anyone wonders, no disrespect was meant about the debate tonight.  I do realize it’s very important to be involved in that sort of stuff.  I should have watched it, but chose to relax instead.  I needed relax time.  🙂


Liam Montage

In Multimedia (of the number two variety)(aka, Multimedia 2) we’ve for the last two or three weeks been working on a montage video.  The idea was to tell a story without using much/any dialogue.  I struggled with an idea at first, and then decided I’d do a “story” about my dog going to the park.  Lovely.  We turn our montage videos in today (I am actually at this moment waiting for my teacher to get here so we can critique them or whatever he plans to do) so as of now I do not know how he feels.  I suspect he’ll be mildly disappointed with my shaky camera and general lack of a professional feel, but this is what I’ve got.  So, for your viewing pleasure, here is my puppy Liam at the park.