Impromptu Art Project

Impromptu=the only kind of way I do art.  I’m the type of person who won’t do anything artsy for a month (or two or three) and then one evening I’ll have an idea and want to do it, so I will.  The other evening my spur-of-the-moment idea was a finger painting.

I love (LOVE) the Impressionist style.  I always have.  Monet is my absolute favorite.  A few years ago my family was able to visit his home and gardens in Giverny, France.

One thing that annoys me about my own style of artistic-ness (annoys mildly, not dreadfully) is that when I paint I tend to be very particular, keep my edges crisp and tidy, and generally make non-messy paintings.  And I LOVE messy, sloppy paintings.  Paint swirled around and bleeding into other colors when painting with watercolors, or, like Monet, have paint blobs and lines that create a picture but keep a very loose style.  Here’s a few other kinds of pictures I  enjoy (click photos to be transported to Etsy World where you can buy them!)

So, on to my project.

I wanted to paint something but have it be very loose.  So, I used one finger to paint it.  Lots of blobs and smears and smooshiness.

My poor messy palette by the end!  (I ran out of room towards the end and so I reused space rather than clean it off and start again.)


Metal Inspiration

It has been, once again, difficult to find a photographer who specializes or has shot metal (the hard, often shiny substance used to make a whole heap of stuff, not the style of music).  So, instead, I thought I would find some photos of metal, things that I think of when I think of metal.

The first thing I thought of was London (it’s on the brain big time right now).  In London, all the street lamps along the Thames (or at least one section of it) have these fishes at the base of the lights.  Something like this (I can’t find an exact picture, but these are close):

And, because I’m still thinking about London, here’s the Trafalgar Square lions.  🙂