GA Renaissance Festival

Apologies for the absence, everybody.  School let out Wednesday, my dad and brother have been at my house since Thursday, my mum joined us Sunday, and today we are all back at Home South.  Since blogging is no longer a school requirement, I will probably not blog quite as often, but I still hope to blog at least a few times a week.

ANYway, Sunday (also Mother’s Day) my family and I went out to the Georgia Renaissance Festival, south-west of Atlanta.  It’s a permanent, small park that has a lot of shops (some owned by the Ren Fest people, some by independent artists), food vendors, games, shows, and people in costume/character.

One of the in-character people was King Henry the VIII.  Just before the joust he demanded one of his assistants to place his cape on the wet bench and then sat down on it.  He was also going about about Sir Edgeron being dreamy, but…. He was fun to listen to behind us.

The winning (literally) Sir Edgeron…

One of my favorite parts was the Barely Balanced show.  They were really hilarious, and also did some very cool stuff.

My bruffer and me!  (He’s not actually taller than me.  Don’t listen to whatever he tells you.)

Despite the off-and-on rain all day, we had a really good time.


Lovely Mud

At my house we got some rain last night.  In my dog’s fenced-in yard, his holes are all full of muddy water and the ground’s soft and damp.

After my dog, Liam, and I got back from our walk earlier this afternoon I turned on the hose (stuck through the fence like a makeshift sprinkler) so he could cool off and have fun for a little bit.

A little bit later I went out to turn the hose off and refill his water bowl.  Upon seeing how muddy and, therefore, adorable he was, I ran back in the house to grab my camera, and had fun taking pictures while he did his hysterical nonsense like he’s good at.

When he decided he had riled himself up to proper hyper mode, he came barreling towards me and gave me a huge muddy hug and made my laugh hysterically for a minute or so.  He’s such a goober.

Onslaught of photos of my muddy dog, coming through!  (Click any picture for a larger view)

^ I will grab this toy with ONE toe, Mummy!

^He grabbed something out of the puddle and decided it needed to be shook.

^My handsome boy!  (With his funny, “I’m excited” tail…)


The Grand Premiere

It’s here!  It’s here!  Roll out the red carpet!  Don your finest outfits!  Get ready for the best four minutes of your life!  (Well, maybe not quite, but pretty close.)

The video my friend/classmate, Erika, and I have been working on is finally finished!  We worked long and hard, and no matter what grade we receive we are both thoroughly pleased with our effort.  The feedback from our classmates (and even a few different teachers/assistants) has been amazing.  So, without further ado, I present to you, ladies and gentlemen, The Brilliant Adventure of Glint!

Feel free to leave a comment on what you thought!  Good or bad.  With it being our first try at stop motion, we know there are things we could do better.  We’re really pleased with what we achieved though.


WARNING!  Imminent brain failure!  Cessation of brain functionality on the near horizon!  WARNING!!!

THAT is the mess of math review that is currently spread across my living room.  It’s the one thing that’s been pressing constantly on my brain since approximately Wednesday.  For my other three classes, there’s nothing more I can do to help my grade.  But for this, this grade still rides on me remembering everything I’ve learned the last several months.  I really don’t want to screw up on this last test.  And yet, studying things you’ve already pitched from your memory is just depressing.  Relearning and remember everything just to do a test.  Yay.  Here’s hoping I can remember enough to make a decent grade.  (I usually do better on math tests than I expect, but there’s still the concern that everything I think I know will suddenly disappear from my brain as soon as I pick up my pencil.)



Final Four Photos

It’s finally here!  The end of the semester, final projects, finals, freedom, the lot.  We’ve been working for weeks now on Final Four.  Final Four is the big final project in one of our classes.  We have to come up with a theme to shoot (oh, by the way, no one can have the same or a too-similar themes) and shoot that theme like crazy.  I went through two themes that my teacher eventually kicked out before landing on one that stuck.  My theme was McDaniel Farm Park.  So, since I spent my first month or so shooting themes that were eventually discarded I didn’t technically have as long to shoot as I might have had.  I’m pretty pleased with my four pictures, with the exception of one, which my teacher immediately set upon and I think is pretty ugly.  But if she likes it and will give a good grade, fine by me.  So, here they are…ugly one first.

I like the blacksmith shed especially, and the gears.  Hope you enjoy!


Fun With Words

This is a video that’s been loved by my family for several years now.  At one point, my brother and I had the entire thing memorized.  I’m still prone to randomly declaring “Tuberculosis!” in the middle of a conversation. Depending on who I am speaking to, after “Tuberculosis!”, “Balooga!”, “Shindig!”, and “Macadamia OOOH!” may follow.  It makes life exciting.

So, without further ado, a fabulously ridiculous video for your enjoyment.