Hunger Games T-Shirt Craft

I’m one of those crazy people who adores The Hunger Games.  It’s true.  I think the books are amazing, and the new movie was also extremely well done, I thought.

My favorite site to visit in regards to new information, pictures, video clips, and fan stuff is  They posted a craft idea the other day, and I decided to try it.  The basic idea is to use a bleach pen to create a picture on a black t-shirt.  For the full instructions, click here.  I didn’t quite follow the instructions, namely because I have neither wax paper or an iron, but it still worked pretty well.

This is my stencil.  I used little tiny tape doughnuts to hold the pieces in place and then bleached carefully around the edges.

And the finished product…

A closer up shot…

It’s not perfect, but for a first try using what I had on hand, I’d say not bad.  I’m excited to be able to wear it now.  Not only am I excited, but my brother has requested one for him and his girlfriend too.  Project for next weekend?  I think yes.

Any other Hunger Games fans out there?



A few weeks ago I had a dream.  I don’t remember what happened at the beginning, but as it progressed it became apparent that I was at a castle.  My very favorite castle.  In the whole.  Wide.  World.

Warwick Castle.

In the dream, it wasn’t actually Warwick Castle.  It was that thing that happens, when your brain says “Yeah, this is it!” but at the same time, you can tell it isn’t really.  I was trying to get into part of the castle, but just part that you could go in free, and I was having to run back and forth from the castle map to my car, while my brother waited…

I thought it was really mean of my brain to let me dream about one of my favorite places when I obviously cannot get back.

If you ever visit the UK, be sure and visit the castle.  It’s an amazing place.  It’s especially fun if you go during a school break (English school break, not American school break) because they have extra workers in costume, walking around and doing different displays.  They have jousts, mock battles, a working trebuchet (which they’ve recently remodeled, according to their Facebook page), you can walk through the more modern parts of the castle, through the older parts of the castle, visit the dungeon, go through a fun semi hands on exhibit, climb to the top of Guy’s Tower…there’s a great range of things to do.

For me, this is one of those places that gets my mind twirling.  I imagine the people who lived there, what their lives were like, the things they did…I imagine make-believe people and begin creating stories, without ever stopping to decide to create a story.  It’s truly a magical place for me.

So, dreaming about it, here in the US, is even harder, because I know I’m not just two hours away from it. I can look at pictures and remember, but to visit it is outside the range of instant possibility.  But remember I shall.  And now, in honor of remembering, here are some of my favorite pictures from various trips…

World’s Smallest Dog(?)

The radio station I listen to posted a link on their Facebook page earlier today about the (possibly) world’s smallest dog.  Named Beyonce, she is believed to be the smallest dog in the world.

My question is: how can you declare her the world’s smallest dog when she’s not even a month old?  Perhaps she could qualify for the world’s smallest puppy, but…dog?  Let her grow up and then declare her the smallest, I say.

To read the rest of the article and see more photos, you can click here.

Friday Afternoon Craft Time

So.  It’s Friday.  I don’t have to be at school.  I’ve already done most of my math homework.  I’ll go in to town later…but this afternoon left me with nothing to do.  (ha, well, TECHNICALLY things I could do, but I forgot those.)  So, I grabbed my paint and headed to the bathroom.  That’s right.

My idea: paint the bottom of my foot and smack it onto a canvas.  (You can actually see what I did in the corner of the above photo…)  I figured the bathroom would be a good place to do a project like this, since it’s tiled and has a tub easily accessible for washing my foot off after the paint process.  I got my foot painted all prettyful, just like I wanted…

…and then splatted it.  This was the finished product…

The black edges are from the scanner…since it’s a canvas, the scanner lid couldn’t close all the way.

Once I had done this one, I thought “Hm.  Why not do another?”  So, I stood on one foot and proceeded to hop across the house to the printer, snatched the two pieces of paper out, and hopped BACK to the bathroom.  I repainted my foot and made two more prints.

I like this second one, because, since I didn’t repaint my foot and just stomped it twice, you can see the lines on my foot better.

And now, after this messy but fun process, I want to do it again.  Lesson learned, though: have paper and supplies with you before you start.  It saves making a mess.

Hope the rest of you are having a lovely Friday afternoon.

A (Very) Fake Movie Trailer

In our multimedia class we’ve been working on an assignment to create a pretend Hollywood movie trailer of a non-existent movie of our desired genre and creation.  The group I was in had a pretty solid idea and vision of where we wanted to end up…but honestly, anything that could go wrong, did.  We had difficulty getting together at the same time to talk through our ideas, our initial actor (both of them!) fell through, difficulty finding new actors, scheduling to shoot, then spring break happened, trouble swapping footage…we were a mess.  Needless to say, our trailer did not turn out like we wanted, but we at least had something to turn in.
Our initial idea for our trailer/story was as follows(ish): A young girl had moved away from her family, struck out on her own.  Everything was good, she was happy.  But things began to get strange.  Was it her imagination or was someone following her?  More and more fears and doubts began to pile onto her.  Paranoia, nervousness, and stress began to fill her life.  Finally, frantically, she began to write about what was happening around her…as a dark shadow crept up behind her.
After we used our limited footage to create the trailer, we tweaked the story. But anyway, here’s what we ended up with.  Like I said, it’s not what we wanted, but it’s what we have.