Lovely Chaos

So, it has begun again.  In the last week, full fledged madness and chaos has begun in earnest.  Assignments are stacking up, time is limited, and my brain is quickly turning into orange stretchy goop.

Monday we we given two assignments, painting with light, due two weeks from Monday, and to begin shooting for our Final Four.  Between Monday and Thursday I had to come up with what I want to shoot and begin shooting.  I’ll make a contact sheet tomorrow in lab and turn it in Monday.  Coming up with ideas has been a challenge, and add to that the very short time span.

In Multimedia we’ve been split into groups to shoot, work on, and create fake movie trailers.  So, my group has been trying, in between our other classes and shooting, to get together ideas and get that in the works.

In my Wednesday class, we’ve had assignments due the last two weeks, along with working on other things.  This has, honestly, been the least stressful class.

Twice a week I have a math class, so I have to keep up with homework in that.

And then next week is midterms.  So, in addition to all of the above, I have to review for those.

So…not too stressful, right?



I Truly Love Art

It’s true.  Over the past months since starting school I’ve had a lot less time to spend painting and creating.  Sometimes I have the time, but maybe not quite enough to devote to a project, or there’s more important things, or a lot of the time I like to just flop down and sit when there’s nothing more pressing to do (although this is not really a good habit to develop).  But yesterday, for the first time in a long time, I pulled down my watercolours and painted and had a blast doing it.

Watercolours are probably my favorite to paint with.  I like acrylic now and then, and it’s certainly easier to fix mistakes with acrylics, but watercolours and I have an understanding, I think.  I feel like I understand it more, and while my work may not be top notch, high quality stuff, I really enjoy working with it.

Following will be a lot of random pictures of my painting setup.  I love photographing my processes.  This first picture is my desk area…

And yes, in case you’re wondering, that is a blow dryer.  It makes the paint dry faster.  Next, my paints by the time I finished…there would be more colours, but I ran out of room and just reused the existing colours I had.

Happy artist!  Well…loopy might be better.  You should be impressed I got both eyes to cross though!  Usually only one crosses and the other stares straight ahead…

And you may be wondering…what exactly were you painting, crazy painter person?  An ocean and a tree.  Can you tell which I prefer painting/am better at painting?  It’s not that hard to tell, really.

And here’s a better photo of the tree.  I am quite pleased with this one.

Anyway, just wanted to share a little bit of my non-photography side.  It covers a lot more territory than just painting, but I’m sure I’ll pull those other talents out to blog about another time.  Hope you enjoyed!

DSLR Video Tutorial

Quite early on in our, you guessed it, Multimedia class we, as a class, filmed a tutorial on using the DSLR to shoot video.  Each of us was involved at some point, either hands on with the camera or trying to sound like we knew what we were talking about in front of the camera.  An interesting experience, not one I’d care to do over, but good for beginning to learn some basics.  The last couple of weeks we’ve been introduced to Final Cut Pro X.  We’ve been beginning to learn how to use it and become more comfortable navigating through the program.  We were each then given the original footage from our homemade tutorial and asked to put together/edit it to perfection, or close to perfection, at least.  Due to complications and misunderstandings in how to save the files, my original edit was evaporated.  This is close to what it was though, even in such a short time.  Here is my finished product.

PS: Please give a round of applause to my computer for actually finishing uploading this video to Youtube.  It took entirely too long (around 15 hours, by my count) to upload.  I’ll be asking my teacher about that and trying to figure ways to follow Youtube’s helpful advice.  Anyway, three cheers for my trusty little computer on a job done, whether it was done well or not.

Advanced Cat Yodeling

Haven’t you ever wondered just how you can get your cat to yodel?  Maybe you’ve tried to teach him or her over the years with no success.  Perhaps you didn’t know cats were even capable of yodeling.  Think again!

While this isn’t a top quality sort of video, it’s quite amazing (and hilarious) all the same.  Created by two guys/engineers/cat owners, they explain and show how to perfect cat yodeling with your own furry friend.  I believe the moderate lameness of their videos actually adds and makes it funnier.    Here’s the video.  Once you’ve watched, you’ll want to grab your cat and annoy it into making delightful yodeling noises.

Happy yodeling!

Math Tests and Yummy Food

Monday I had a math test.  It was my second of the semester.  My first test I passed, but not with quite the grade I would have preferred.  So, Monday we had our test, and I wasn’t expecting to get the results back until the following Monday, like before.  But at the end of class yesterday, he began to hand them out…and I had scored 100.  Ahhh!!!  I was bordering on speechless.

As soon as I got out of class, I called my mom and, since I hadn’t managed to get out and get lunch, took myself to Five Guys Burgers and Fries.  I ate the first cup of fries, but look how many I had left over to eat later…

That’s an average to decent sized cereal bowl full of fries…Yum!  If you’ve never been to Five Guys, I suggest going.  They have wonderful, made-in-front-of-you burgers, and the fries, well, I think you know where I stand with the fries.

My afternoon and evening was definitely a good one!


Etsy is a magical place.  It really is.  If you are crafty or creative in any way, any possible way at all, you will most likely be sucked in.  You may be sucked in even if you are NOT a super crafty creative person.  My brother, who is not a super artsy craftsy person, has even become somewhat enthralled by the place.

You ask (or not), “But what is Etsy?”  It is an online artists’ market, put simply.  People from around the world open little online shops and sell anything and everything.  Photos, original and reproduction paintings, figurines, sewn items, clothes, vintage and antique furniture, new-but-awesome furniture, rusted odds and ends, you name it, they sell it.

As an artist (I am more than just an up-and-coming photographer), I love Etsy.  I love the vibrant collections of things available, all in one place.  You can click the Art tab, and from there shuffle to Paintings specifically, and within the Paintings section you can specify further whether you want Illustrations or Oils or Watercolours…I also love seeing the wide range of things that I have favorited.  Looking at the things I’ve “liked” you might think “Oh my, whatever is the matter with this person to seemingly like so many different odd things?”  But I love that each thing I’ve “liked” is somehow a tiny piece of something inside me.  If only I had all the money in the world…or if everything were free.  What fun I could have then!

One of my favorite shops is Kecky’s shop.  I love her style and how each picture is like a tiny piece of a story.  I’ve bought three of her pictures.  One of my favorites is her “Cinderella Dreaming”…

Another store I like is kharaledonne.  She takes tiny brass lockets and paints itty bitty pictures inside.  I love tiny things, and lockets always seem so grand and story-related.

And then there’s the random items I find, like this print of an original watercolour in AprilHenderlong shop…(this one reminds me of the book The Giver by Lois Lowry)

No matter what you like, or what you don’t like, there’s almost always bound to be something in Etsy World (as I call it) that catches your eye.  Just be careful…once you go in, it’s hard to get back out!

School Assignments

In a different class, not the Multimedia class, we’ve been talking about color…somewhat.  The week before last we were given the assignment to shoot something with “95% warm tones”.  Turns out this is harder than you think.  Warm tone pictures include absolutely no blue sky, use morning or afternoon light, red/orange/yellow/brown colors, and you can cheat by using the shade or cloud white balance setting.  But it’s HARD to find warm toned things…it’s the middle of winter still, there’s not an abundance of vibrant colors anywhere…unless you know of a red building or playground.  Anyway, I managed to find something that earned a decent grade.  It’s not perfectly sharp, but it’s almost entirely “warm”.  Here it is (click for a larger view):

This past week we were assigned to shoot “cool tones”.  Blues, greens, purples.  This was not quite so hard for me, because, when shooting my Warm Tones, I ended up with quite a few Cool photos.  So, I went back where I shot before, while the sky was blue, and got pictures of the sky reflected from the water.  I quite like this photo (which is surprising, because I don’t tend to care about the pictures I submit for school anymore), though I did not expect any positive feedback about it from my teacher.  She ran out of time in class this morning and had to rush through the last few photos, but she at least sounded positive about this one.  Here’s my cool tone picture:

And this week’s assignment, you ask?  (Even if you didn’t ask, I’ll ask for you.)  Cool AND Warm.  So this one will be interesting, hopefully not in a bad way.  I’ll try to upload the Cool/Warm photo once I decide what picture to use and get it adjusted a bit.  Hope you enjoy.  Until next time.